[BDRIP] Giant Gorg [巨神[ジャイアント]ゴーグ] 全26話

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[BDRIP] Giant Gorg [巨神[ジャイアント]ゴーグ] 全26話

Alternative Titles
English: Giant Gorg
Official Title 巨神[ジャイアント]ゴーグ
Type TV Series, 26 episodes
Year 05.04.1984 until 27.09.1984
Season Spring 1984
Tags action, adventure, mecha, new, science fiction –

Austral island is located 2,000 km south from the Samoa islands. The existence of the island was removed from the official records, and Tagami Yuu journeys there to find out why.

And so Yuu embarks on an epic journey to the island, with his father’s friend Dr. Tom Waive, his daughter Doris Waive, and Captain Senchou a good friend of the doctor’s. On their way to the island, GAIL, the international conglomerate, and gangster Cougar Connection lead by Lady Lynx attack them.

They manage to arrive at the island, but are endangered by a mysterious monster. Facing death, a blue giant robot appears, destroying the monster, saving them. Their saviour, Giant Gorg, called a Messenger of the God by the inhabitants of the island, seems to be incomprehensible, but strangely enough reminds Yuu of something warm and familiar.

Escaping from the another attack by GAIL’s assault team, Gorg guides Yuu into the underworld. There, he finds alien relics and an alien, who just woke up after 30,000 years sleep…

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