[BDRIP] Kyokou Suiri Season 2 [虚構推理 Season2] TV&SP

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[BDRIP] Kyokou Suiri Season 2 [虚構推理 Season2] @Moozzi2 TV&SP

Alternative Titles
English: In/Spectre Season 2
Official Title 虚構推理 Season2
Type TV Series, 12 episodes
Year 09.01.2023 until ?
Season Winter 2022/23
Tags novel

Beings known as the “Spirits” certainly exist in this world. Just like any other day, the girl known as the Goddess of Wisdom by the Spirits, Iwanaga Kotoko, has received yet another request regarding the spirits. Standing right next to her is none other than the man she fell in love with at the first sight; Sakuragawa Kurou, a man even the Spirits fears.

This is the story of our two main characters combining their strength to face all kinds of peculiar, illogical, and mysterious cases of the unknown caused by the Spirits. Just where will these new strange incidents bring our two main characters to? How will their love develop? The story of Romance x Mystical x Mystery has returned!

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