[DVDRIP] A.D. Police [ADポリス] OVA 全3話

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[DVDRIP] A.D. Police [ADポリス] OVA 全3話

Alternative Titles
English: A.D. Police Files
Official Title ADポリス
Type OVA, 3 episodes
Year 25.05.1990 until 22.11.1990
Season Spring 1990
Tags action, android, cyberpunk, cyborg, gunfights, human enhancement, law and order, mecha, nudity, police, science fiction, sex, violence –

The year is 2027 in Mega-Tokyo, six years before the Knight Sabers will make their debut. Boomers — androids that look, think, and act almost like human beings — are still a relatively new technology, and the implementation and integration of boomers into society is still a bit buggy — sometimes fatally so. Whenever a boomer incident occurs, though, there is the Advanced Police, a special force trained to deal with boomer crimes.

Leon McNichol is a rookie in the AD Police, just starting to become exposed to the horrors and tragedies one is confronted with in everyday Mega-Tokyo. He and his veteran partner, Gina Marceau, slowly learn about the ever-fading line that separates man from machine.

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