[TVRIP] Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodate Shinagara Boukensha Shimasu [異世界ゆるり紀行 ~子育てしながら冒険者します~] 第01-03話

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[TVRIP] Isekai Yururi Kikou: Kosodate Shinagara Boukensha Shimasu [異世界ゆるり紀行 ~子育てしながら冒険者します~] 第01-03話

Alternative Titles
English: A Journey Through Another World: Raising Kids While Adventuring
Official Title 異世界ゆるり紀行 ~子育てしながら冒険者します~
Type TV Series, 12 episodes
Year 08.07.2024 until ?
Season Summer 2024

After a god accidentally slays him, Takumi’s reborn with new skills in a monster-filled forest where he stumbles upon twins. They’re sweet, adorable, and super strong! Won over instantly, he names them Alan and Elena, becomes their guardian, and joins an adventurers’ guild to provide for his new family. And so starts his chill life of adventure, watching over Alan and Elena’s growth!

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